a registered charity and one of the UK’s foremost social enterprises, employing, training and supporting people with disabilities since 1854.

We create the UK’s most ethical personal care and household brands and believe that all people with disabilities should have an opportunity for employment and the chance to do something great. At CLARITY–The Soap Co. we champion this vision by manufacturing luxury bath and beauty products, alongside everyday cleaning and toiletry products, by a workforce that is predominantly blind or otherwise disabled.

We have a rich history of supporting disabled people into employment, and today, we have exactly the same aim. When you buy one of our products, as an individual or a business, you’re not a customer, you become a partner.

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We believe that all disabled people should have an opportunity for employment and at CLARITY Enterprises we champion this vision by manufacturing beautiful toiletry and cleaning products with a workforce that’s predominantly blind and disabled.

CLARITY is proud to provide meaningful employment opportunities for people who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise disabled, regardless of the complexity of their barriers to work.

The family of brands at CLARITY–The Soap Co. include everyday cleaning products from CLARITY, water saving eco products from BECO, luxury handcrafted bath and beauty collections from The Soap Co., and traditional handmade bathing and skincare products from The Soap Co. Keswick.

From our factory in East London we provide product filling and packaging, as well as new product development, facilitating the process from “concept to counter”.

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