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CLARITY–The Soap Co. is one of the UK’s most ground-breaking social enterprises. Since Victorian times, we have constantly redefined what it means to be a living, working example of social progress in action.
Our dedicated people are our greatest asset. We provide a supportive and uplifting work and communal environment for our staff to flourish in and at any one time we support more than a hundred people, with 50% transitioning the jobs elsewhere. We’re also a not-for-profit organisation too – with 100% of our revenues reinvested into our business.

Protecting the Environment

Alongside with our goal to create social value, we are driven to care for the environment and our planet. We now carry The Planet Mark™ – awarded for our dedication to sustainability and our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint by 5% annually.
The Soap Co. and BECO brands embrace our commitment to the planet, through The Soap Co.’s eco and bee friendly range, and the impressive water savings from using BECO in homes and businesses across the UK.

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Our Vision and Mission

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CLARITY – Employment for Blind People was established in 1854 as “The Association for Promoting the General Welfare of the Blind” (GWB) to provide employment for blind people.

Our vision is that all disabled people have an opportunity for employment regardless of the complexity of their barriers.

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We often act as a “flagship” social enterprise to demonstrate the field to newcomers: in 2010 we were visited by the Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd MP as we are a leading example of Social Enterprise in action.