Measuring Your Impact

Increasingly in the commercial world, actions need to be considered in terms of their social impact as well as financial results. The Government have officially recognised this with the Social Value Act 2012 that requires public bodies to consider choosing providers that provide social value.

At CLARITY we have developed a Social Value Pricing structure that enables us to calculate the number of employment hours generated through the contracts we deliver for clients.

The price paid for most items covers all sorts of things over and above the actual product itself, such as administration, marketing, advertising and retail. However, the price of a CLARITY or The Soap Co. branded product is largely made up on the costs of employing our staff. The price paid can therefore be directly attributed to social impact in terms of days employed.

We operate a list price and discount structure where you can pay the price that best matches your budgetary and social aims. We appreciate that these aims are different for every organisation and this approach enables everyone to be satisfied with the price they pay and contribute meaningfully to the generation of employment for disabled people in the UK.

We use the following formula to calculate the total days of employment:

We also provide an annual certificate to our business partners to demonstrate the total number of employment days generated through their contracts with CLARITY Enterprises.

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We believe that all disabled people should have an opportunity for employment and at CLARITY Enterprises we champion this vision by manufacturing beautiful toiletry and cleaning products with a workforce that’s predominantly blind and disabled.

CLARITY is proud to provide meaningful employment opportunities for people who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise disabled, regardless of the complexity of their barriers to work.

We offer a wide range of products for all our customers: our CLARITY product ranges offer customers great gift sets and celebrity endorsed toiletries, and in 2014 we launched The Soap Co. to offer customers a luxury ethical alternative to their usual hand washes, lotions and body washes.

From our factory in East London we provide product filling and packaging, as well as new product development, facilitating the process from “concept to counter”.