Employment Process

How to apply

If you would like to apply for a job with CLARITY contact the Disability Employment Advisor (DEA) at your local Jobcentre Plus. They will assess whether you are eligible for the Work Choice programme which is a prerequisite for all Work Visions candidates. If you are eligible, then ask them to refer you directly to us.

Alternatively, you may be registered with another disability organisation that is helping you to prepare for and look for work. They can also refer you to our Work Visions programme, while continuing to work with you to help develop your all-round skills.

Check our vacancies page for current vacancies throughout Clarity Enterprises.

Recruitment Process

Candidates who come through the ‘Work Choice programme’ will be booked in for an interview via CLARITY’s prime provider partner, Seetec. A Seetec representative will arrange the interview for the candidate with CLARITY when a suitable job opportunity becomes available.

The candidate will then be interviewed by a Job Broker from Seetec and a representative from CLARITY. We are a friendly team and often ask questions about a candidate’s previous working or volunteer experiences and discuss their longer terms plans and ambitions. We are often looking for someone who is keen to develop their skills and excited to work with us. We want to make sure that working for CLARITY will be both challenging and rewarding, and be a great stepping stone in your work career.

If successful, a candidate will be offered a place with the CLARITY team, often on a 16 hour contract to begin with.


If offered a position with the CLARITY team, we expect staff to arrive on time for work, enjoy learning new skills and be keen to try their best in the work place.

Our factory staff start work at 8.00am and finish at 4.30pm and our office staff start work at 9.00am and finish at 5.30pm. We work Monday-Friday.


We have a friendly and dedicated workforce and are proud of our diverse and positive community. Full time staff at CLARITY have a wealth of experience in supporting people back to work and we enjoy helping our people develop their skills.

We take our Employees’ welfare very seriously and it’s because of this that we have a dedicated Welfare room where employees are able to meet with a welfare officer to discuss any issues outside the workplace that they may have.

The CLARITY community

Whilst CLARITY is a stepping stone, we not only equip our staff with transferrable skills for open employment, but we also provide a great community atmosphere in the factory. All of our staff enjoy the same privileges and are treated as full time employees, as with any other company.

The factory is extremely modern and our only modification is that we facilitate manual labour jobs where other factories may invest in machines.
Due to visual impairments of many employees, we ensure that the factory is clutter-free. Training in a modern factory doesn’t mean that employees are limited to graduating to other factories in open employment; staff learn a wide variety of transferrable skills and office-based workshops such as switchboard training, to help to boost their confidence.

There is a social/canteen room where people meet during breaks and lunch. There is a strong and popular social group at CLARITY and a weekly raffle is usually held to raise funds for annual group trips, such as this year’s outings to Brighton and the West End theatre.

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Employment & Training

Work Choice

Training & Development

Moving On

While unemployment affects everyone, employment for those with complex disabilities currently stands at 1 in 10. The barriers to employment for disadvantaged people, including barriers that are only based on assumptions, can be overwhelming and grow worse with long-term exposure to unemployment.

Work Choice is a government-funded programme that aims to assist individuals with disabilities and long-term health problems.

We offer our disabled staff a stepping stone to mainstream employment, providing workplace and employability training to give individuals the skills and confidence to compete in the open employment market.

We advocate the employment of disabled people in the workplace and a CLARITY employee develops a wide range of skills during their time with us, to prepare them well for the next step in their careers.