Who We Help

CLARITY is proud to provide meaningful employment opportunities for people who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise disabled, regardless of the complexity of their barriers to work.

In the UK just over 46% of disabled people are in employment, compared to 76.4% of non-disabled people; a 30% employment gap representing over two million people.

Having a job empowers disabled people to earn their own living, develop their independence and avoid having to rely on the state to provide for themselves and their families.

Out of our 102 staff:

  • Nearly 70% of our staff are disabled
  • 37 have a visual impairment
  • 14 have a learning/intellectual impairment
  • 7 have mental health difficulties
  • 6 have a physical disability

As a social enterprise, we reinvest all our profits back into the business to create more employment opportunities for blind and disabled people in the UK. Last year, we created a further 29 employment opportunities in roles throughout the organisation, and we want to grow this figure year on year.