Social Impact

Providing disabled people with employment opportunities drives our organisation. We are proud of our work, as employment brings not only financial independence but also impacts on a person’s confidence, their families, their health and their place in society.

As a social enterprise, we reinvest all our profits back into the business to create more employment opportunities for blind and disabled people in the UK.

We can offer businesses a social value pricing structure and measure the days of employment generated for a disabled person in the UK through their partnership with us. Read our success stories and find out more about measuring your impact.

The Environment

We’re not only kind to people, but the environment too:

  • We source our ingredients from within the UK, which offers a lower carbon footprint than products from overseas.
  • We are in the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide along with only a handful of producers, because we don’t test on animals and also ensure our suppliers don’t either.
  • We source recycled and/or recyclable packaging and with every product, and we are trying to find more ways to be ecologically friendly.
  • Our manufacturing hub and offices are based in the UK and our location enables us to offer lower carbon footprints for deliveries than suppliers providing goods from Europe and beyond.